The Organization Structure



Council of Elder Vision Keepers/ Advisory Group

Marketing &


Volunteer &


Transformative Intentional


Finance, Fund Development

Planning & Budget

Infrastructure Development, Garden, Pond, Construction, Landscaping

The Transformative Intentional Learning Committee: The Board shall appoint the members of the committee and a Board or Council member shall chair the committee. The Committee’s primary responsibility will be to design and implement the NGVP educational and personal development programs.


Council of Elder Vision Keepers Advisory Committee. An Elder Vision Keeper is defined as an individual who lives an exemplary life, has authority based on a life of consistent service, exercises moral judgment, advocates for social justice, and is 55years of age or older. Membership to the Council shall be open to any individual that, demonstrates to the existing members a historical commitment to the goals and purposes of NGVP, is approved for membership by a unanimous vote of the existing Council members


The Finance, Fund Development, Planning & Budget Committee: This committee will be responsible for planning, programming budgeting and fund raising. The Treasurer shall chair this committee.


The Marketing, Outreach & Media Committee: The committee will be responsible for developing marketing plans for all of NGVP programs as well as branding for NGVP.


The Infrastructure Committee. The committee will plan and draft recommendations for the location and construction of buildings, facilities and infrastructure. Infrastructure Sub-committees:



a. The Organic Garden Project Committee: This committee will focus on the farming, and gardening of NGVP’s land, post-harvest, storage, packaging and distribution.

b. The Pond Committee: This committee will focus on the utilization of the pond in furthering the goals and purposes of NGVP and collaborates with the Infrastructure Committee.

c. The Landscaping Committee: The committee will design and manage the landscaping, land use plans and the land maintenance of NGVP.



The Volunteer and Membership Coordination Committee: This committee will develop programs and strategies for coordinating volunteers and defining levels of membership to assist with NGVP maintenance and programming.