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Introduction & Overview.

Nature’s Garden for Victory and Peace, Inc (NGVP) is a nonprofit 25 acre Community Land Trust which incorporated in the State of Alabama in October 2015. The idea of a Community Land Trust provides a strong foundation and incentive for cultivating socially responsible values, behaviors and activities. We are a land-based organization that uses the natural environment and its’ awe inspiring “web of life” to create a holistic educational community. The process of developing this community will serve as a model for other communities locally, nationally and globally; however, and particularly the Black Belt counties in Alabama, of which there are thirteen.  The name Black-Belt originally referred to the fertile black soil, and represents the areas where the vast majority of Africans were taken and enslaved.  

Why is Nature's Garden So Special?

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Muhjah Shakir.

Meaning of the Name

The name Nature's Garden for Victory & Peace was inspired by George Washington Carver's agricultural bulletin published in March 1942 titled "Natures's Garden for Victory & Peace"


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