NAME: Muhjah Shakir, PhD

POSITION: Chair, Board of Directors

QUALIFICATIONS: Dr. Shakir is licensed to practice occupational therapy in the State of Alabama; she is a certified massage therapist, and Reiki Master. In order to work full time building NGVP, after 16 years of service, Dr. Shakir retired as a professor of occupational therapy from Tuskegee University. She also has a M.A. degree in Cultural Anthropology, and PhD in Transformative Studies, and both graduate degrees are from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

NAME: G. Bodile Balams

POSITION:  Vice-Chair, Board of Directors

QUALIFICATIONS: Mr. Balams has been painting and drawing since the early age of 8. His first one man exhibition was in 1975 at high school, where he was awarded as an ‘Art Elite’.Mr. Balams is a graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia with a degree in fine arts. Art has been a way of life for him and he continues to explore additional aspects of creative expressions. Presently, he continues that expression through community development and cataloging his over 40 years of distinguish service, dedication and commitment to art, family, community and spiritual devotion to the creator of all.

NAME: Aisha Shakir

POSITION: Treasurer, Board of Directors

QUALIFICATIONS: Aisha Shakir is the treasurer of NGVP. Aisha has a M.S. degree in occupational therapy from Tuskegee University and is licensed to practice in the State of Alabama. She is currently working as an occupational therapist in rehabilitation with geriatric clients. Aisha has also worked as a cardiac monitor technician at East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika, Alabama; and as a medical assistant in the front office of the organ transplant unit at the University of Nebraska.

NAME: Jazlyn Fuller

POSITION:  Member, Board of Directors

QUALIFICATIONS: Jazlyn Fuller is a media specialist for NGVP. Jazlyn graduated from Tuskegee University in 2015 with a B.S. degree in psychology and a B.A. degree in sociology. Jazlyn has worked as the Chief Innovation Officer at Echo Boom Enterprise, LLC. She is a webmaster and graphic designer, videographer, and a spoken word artist. She currently works as the state-wide coordinator of the Black Voters Matter campaign to educate and encourage voter registration in the State of Alabama.

NAME: Demetri Marshall, MD

POSITION: Member, Board of Directors

QUALIFICATIONS: Dr. Marshal is a primary care physician in family practice and is licensed to practice medicine in the State of Mississippi. He served as the Chief Medical Director of the Claiborne County Medical Center for 25 years. Dr. Marshal is an advocate of economic development and political empowerment in the Lumumba District of Mississippi.

NAME: Lawrence O. King, Sr.

POSITION:  Member, Board of Directors

QUALIFICATIONS: Mr. King is a 4th generation resident of Tuskegee Institute, Alabama. He is a retired insurance broker and real estate agent from the New York Metro area. Currently, he is the primary caretaker of his 95-year old mother. Larry is a lifetime member of the American Tennis Association and the founder of the Tuskegee Institute Community Tennis Club. He is also a tennis historian and instructor, and a distributor of Pure Living alkaline water.

NAME: Clark R. Arrington, Esq.

POSITION: Secretary, Board of Directors

QUALIFICATIONS: Mr. Arrington is an experienced attorney and professor who specialize in worker ownership cooperatives and socially responsible business practices. Clark learned about cooperatives and community land trusts as a young lawyer with the Federation of Southern Cooperatives. He then went on to become the General Counsel of the IDA Group, a consulting firm specializing in organizing and financial worker owned enterprises and the general Counsel and Chair of Equal Exchange, Inc. the largest exclusively Fair Trade company in the USA. Currently, Clark serves as General Counsel of The Working World, Inc.



 An Elder Vision Keeper is defined as an individual who lives an exemplary life, has authority based on a life of consistent service, exercises moral judgment, advocates for social justice, and is 55years of age or older. Membership to the Council shall be open to individuals that, demonstrates to the existing members a historical commitment to the goals and purposes of NGVP, is approved for membership by a unanimous vote of the existing Council members.













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