Bodile Nu Arts

G. Bodile Balams 

An important component of NGVP is the recognition of the positive impact that art and culture plays in the development of social wellbeing in individuals and in the community as a whole.

Visual artist G. Bodile Balams is an Alabama native and a Morehouse College graduate in fine arts. He has produced drawings and paintings for over three decades. As a multi-talented artist he produces not only visual art, but also is a performing artist playing acoustic music with vocals, and makes a living as a general contractor. Bodile is a social entrepreneurial who uses his talent to support community building.

Through the sale of Bodile’s Nu Art’s pieces, a generous percentage supports the vision and mission of NGVP. The images that are shown here are but a sample of his complete work. If you are interested in making a purchase or in seeing more of his work please contact us at: and or (334) 724 – 0727.

Bodile Art Pieces

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