Welcome to Nature's Garden for Victory & Peace

Our Vision.

The vision of Nature’s Garden for Victory and Peace is to cultivate land that is preserved and built upon to evoke health, social wellbeing, victory and peace in members of the community.


Our Mission.

The mission of Nature’s Garden for Victory and Peace is to use land as a healing tool, and a cultural asset in the development of a Holistic Community Development model in the delivery of relevant programs and services to members of the community. This is achieved through the work of the Transformative Intentional Learning Community and a shared value system which supports governance. 

About NGVP.

Nature’s Garden for Victory and Peace, (NGVP) incorporated in the State of Alabama in October 2015. As a land-based organization, NGVP uses the natural environment and its’ awe inspiring “web of life” to create a Holistic Community Development model. While reflecting upon nature and its cosmic cycles, the natural and creative instincts in us emerge and are expressed through the arts. “Art is defined as any human activity or occupation performed with mindful imagination, beauty, and social responsibility.” The co-creation of this model requires organizational unity and sustainable decision making; to achieve the stated goals we will utilize a Transformative Intentional Learning Community (TILC). Essentially, the idea of a TILC is a group of individuals that intentionally learn, through study and rigorous but compassionate deliberative dialogue how to think together in search of meaning and universal truths.


What is Nature Culture? 




          Nature-Culture, a holistic community development concept, seeks to develop a way of life that promotes positive transformation into a sustainable lifestyle for its participants.  A Nature-Culture project creates and expresses an ideology that synthesizes an integration of spiritual, intellectual and natural earth concepts. By combining multiple holistic activities, and environment, brain function is enhanced, the body cells are renewed and people are propelled to greater awareness of “self”. As we align the body, mind and soul with nature, we create what we call a “nature culture”. We learn new habits by doing new things, acting new ways, eating new foods and communicating new thoughts. 


          Nature Culture is a holistic form of community development. It builds and strengthens the capacity and skills of individuals and organizations to effectively participate in acquiring and managing natural resources that directly support their community.  The creation of Nature-Culture communities is our vision for fostering environments where cohesive coalitions of spiritually inclined, holistic practitioners can create sustainable lifestyles for themselves and their families.




Transformative Intentional Learning Community 

A TILC provides a strong foundation for cultivating socially responsible values, behaviors and activities. The process of developing a land-based community will serve as a model for other communities locally, nationally and globally; particularly, the Black Belt counties in Alabama, of which there are thirteen.  The name Black-Belt originally referred to the prairies and fertile black soil of central Alabama and northeast Mississippi. The term also includes Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina and represents the areas where the vast majority of Africans were taken and enslaved. Today, many of the deep-south rural areas in the Black Belt counties remain majority Black. The evolving philosophy called Nature Culture will provide a framework for the development of the Holistic Intentional Community

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